By Jennifer Allen 2018-11-06 20:13:03 UTC There's a common misconception that Macs don't need antivirus software. Unfortunately, that's far from accurate these days.

Macs are generally more secure than PCs, thanks to a more secure operating system where certain aspects of its software are more locked down and harder to infiltrate by rogue software. Also, meaning fewer targets for criminals. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to get a virus on your Mac, or receive a suspicious piece of malware either. SEE ALSO: A report from Malwarebytes found that. That number is likely to rise in 2018 with new threats like OSX.MaMi and Dark Caracal cited in the article as significant ways of disrupting Mac owners. The more Macs are used, the more they’ll be targeted by cyber criminals. And everyone loves the must-have MacBook of the moment, right?

Jul 30, 2018 - Choosing the best antivirus software for a Windows or Mac computer can be tough. What You Need to Know About Cyber Safety While Traveling. Paid version offers a firewall, a spam filter, and anti-ransomware features.

MacOS might still be more secure than Windows but why take a risk with your valuable data? We've taken a look at some of the best antivirus solutions out there for your Mac, ensuring you have an extra layer of security between your data and nefarious viruses. How to connect wd my passport ultra to mac. We’ve evaluated their effectiveness at detecting viruses, and lay out any of their additional security features too. Protect your Mac against ransomware attacks, computer viruses, and more with these antivirus products. The gist: One of the oldest names in the security software business, it's easy to know what to expect from. Essentially, it runs in the background, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity or threats to your system, without any need for interaction from you.

In the past, Norton software has been known for causing performance dips but that's far from the case here. For one thing, its idle scanning feature only scans during quiet periods with that scan pausing the moment you use your Mac. What it offers: Norton Security for Mac offers a few different options for scanning.

You can switch to automatic, always-on protection and never think about it again, or there's schedule scanning for appropriate times of day for you. It's the idle scanning feature that's most useful though, which simply works when you need it to. Additionally, includes two Safari plugins. Safe Web helps you avoid visiting rogue sites, while Identity Safe is a simple password management tool. Neither are quite as expansive as the antivirus facility, but as a useful way of cutting off issues at the source, they do the job admirably.