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This YouTube downloader automatically saves the downloaded videos in the “Finished” library and the converted videos in the “Converted” library. You can add the downloading videos to the “Downloading” library and to prepare them to be transferred you can add them to the “Wi-Fi Transfer” library separately. By using this video downloader, all your videos will be well managed and kept in order.

WHERE YOU CAN: • PLAY • CONVERT • TRANSFER • SHARE The video downloader also allows users to import local MP4 & FLV videos to the library. For this, you need to right click on the right window in the 'Finished' library and then choose the 'Import' option.

• Download Videos: Download videos at ultrafast speeds and in high output quality. • Download MP3s: Download MP3s directly which are extracted from the videos. • Record Screen: Record videos while they are streaming by launching the Video Recorder. • Convert Video Automatically: Set the 'Download then Convert' function to realize the video format's auto-conversion. • Convert to Multiple Formats: One click to convert video to a wide range of formats. • Download Videos with multi-resolution: Download videos by clicking the button on the top-right corner of the video. • Click the “Download” Button: The video downloader automatically detects the video as it is played.

In order to download the video being played, you simply have to click the “Download” button which appears at the top right-hand corner of the video that is open on the browser (i.e., Firefox etc.). • Copy and Paste URL: Another way to download video is by copying the URL of the video that you wish to download and then clicking on “Paste URL” when you paste the URL, the video will be downloaded by the YouTube downloader. • Raw Recording: You can also record the video while it is streaming (i.e. Through Netflix and others) by simply clicking the “Record Video” button. • Converts video to MP4, MP3, MOV, WAV, M4A, AVI, WMV, MKV and others: The video downloader is compatible with over 150 video formats, allowing you to download your favorite videos in multiple formats and convert them to well-supported popular video formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, FLV, WMV, WEBM, etc. • Transfer downloaded videos to iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other devices: The video downloader allows you to transfer downloaded video to various devices such as iPod (including iPod Touch 5), iPhone (including iPhone 6S), iPad (including iPad Air & iPad 4), Android tablet, Android phones, PSP, Xbox, mobile phones (3GP), Apple TV, and many others. It supports multi-device video formats.

• One-click Download & Conversion: With just a single click, the YouTube downloader downloads web videos and automatically converts them to the desired format. • Built-in video player: Double-click a video in the library to play it. • Video library: The downloaded videos are automatically saved in the “Finished” library and the converted videos are saved in the “Converted” library. You can also import local MP4 & FLV videos to the “Finished” library - Right click on the right window in the 'Finished' library and choose 'Import'.

• Share videos on Facebook & Twitter: Click on the Facebook and the Twitter icons in the Library to share downloaded videos with friends. AllMyTube allows you to directly transfer the downloaded videos from your PC to Android and iOS devices via your existing Wi-Fi network. This way, using this video downloader, you can instantly enjoy the downloaded videos on your portable devices without any worries or hassle about incompatible files or USB cables. If you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network and you wish to transfer videos through a USB cable, then you first need to save the video file in a suitable format on your PC, then connect the USB cable to your PC and mobile phone and drag the file to your mobile device.