Citrix Workspace app is a new client from Citrix that works similar to Citrix Receiver and is fully backward-compatible with your organization’s Citrix infrastructure. Citrix Workspace app provides the full capabilities of Citrix Receiver, as well as new capabilities based on.

Hi there, seems to be the first thread here. I've make the citrix receiver work on iphone(ios 4.3) with the access gateway set as 'Enterprise' and logon type 'Domain only', but in the mac version citrix receiver (mac osx 10.6) which i download directly from app store, I can not connect successfully with the same configuration and user password, there seems to be a little difference between the mac version and the iphone version, in the mac version a 'gateway address' is needed which is omitted in the iphone version, is this the tricky thing that bothers? So how can I make the receiver work on mac? Thanks in advanced. I'm also having trouble with 11.3 for Mac, I have webinterface running on the nCore vpx appliance, the configuration is working for iPhone/iPad and for standard browser access but not for the Mac (2 profiles, 1st is expression matched to CitrixReceiver 2nd is ns_true for all other connections to get ica proxy webinterface). I followed the documentation for getting the reciever to work: Unfortunately the documented method does not appear to work with the latest iPad/iPhone client, it only began to work when i copied the services site URL from the homepage field to the web services field.

Citrix receiver for mac versions

The Mac client however still will not connect, i'm wondering if the header is someting other than CitrixReceiver which is the required expression for the session profile to apply. (if the expression is not matched the page presented is a proxy to the webinterface. Michael, check the ns.log for the headers coming from the Mac, they should be the same. The only thing I'm unsure of is that the Receiver for iPhone and iPad don't work with the JSP version of WI which comes on the Netscaler by default, there is an HTTP rewrite that allows it to work I believe on the NS side, not sure if that works with the Macintosh or not. The NS.log will show you if the receiver is getting forwarded to the config.xml, do something like grep -i citrixreceiver /var/log/ns.log and you'll see all the entries made by a Receiver. The header should also indicate what platform they're coming from. I have --rewrite-- responder policies to correct for case sensitivity only.

User enters./citrix/xenapp which gets rewritten to./Citrix/XenApp as the tomcat server on the netscalers is case sensitive. Rewrite feature is enabled but i have not added any policies other than what is there by defaultbeen configured The tomcat log is reporting Event ID: 40001 “An error occurred while enumerating a user’s resources.

An unrecognized XML message was received from a user device.” when trying to connect from the Mac client. I have a detailed description in the following forum: Edited by: Michael Shirtcliff on 12-May-2011 06:28.

Daylite software for mac windows 10. Michael, are you sure there isn't something rewriting the HTTP responses or forwards to the WI on the netscaler? Android studio no connected devices.