Following the success of for Windows, Dragon software is also available for Mac users. With Dragon Professional Individual for Mac (which has replaced Dragon Dictate and MacSpeech Dictate) you can accomplish more on your Mac than you ever thought possible.

Software is only cost effective for your business if the price for Nuance Dragon for Mac 5.0.4 for Mac is affordable and you can save considerably on retail prices.Ordering Nuance Dragon for Mac 5.0.4 for Mac at a price of $20 is simple and fast with our easy shopping cart and you automatically receive even more volume discount when ordering more software titles.

Dragon for Mac is powered by the latest version of the Dragon speech recognition engine, and was built from the ground up for Mac OS. It works with your favorite Mac applications, and makes it easy to find online content, create reports, email, research notes, articles, and more, just by using your voice – up to three times faster than typing. To simplify also your mobile life, you can use your iOS or Android device as a wireless microphone, or capture your notes on-the-go using a digital voice recorder. Once back at your computer, Dragon will transcribe the recordings for you. Dragon for Mac Key Features.

Depending on the level of access they've granted you, you may also be able to modify items. To view another person's shared calendar, complete the following steps. Repair outlook 2016 for mac. But if someone has chosen to, you'll be able to look at the items in more detail. Once you've done this, you'll see their calendar listed under My Calendars in the Calendar section of your Navigation Pane every time you use Outlook.

• Next-Generation Speech Engine – Dragon Professional Individual for Mac is powered by the latest version of the Dragon speech recognition engine, and leverages Deep Learning technology. This is the same state-of-the-art technology used by Dragon NaturallySpeaking – the world’s #1 speech recognition software for the PC. A pure 64-bit application, the latest version of Dragon allows you to get things done quicker than ever before. • Easy & Accurate – Dragon for Mac has an accuracy rate of up to 99% right out of the box, and it gets smarter the more you use it.

And, as Dragon Professional for Mac never misspells a word, typos are a thing of the past. Simply tell your Mac what to do, and Dragon will get it done, whether it is surfing the Internet, searching for a missing file, or writing a report. Simple commands and shortcuts will improve your experience – and your productivity – even further. Personalize Dragon with your own custom vocabulary of acronyms, proper names, and unique phrases. Dragon for Mac can even adapt its format rules by detecting corrections you make – abbreviations, numbers, and more — to make sure your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time. The Text-to-Speech feature, which reads back editable text, makes for easy proofing and multi-tasking. • Automatic Microphone Detection – Dragon Professional Individual for Mac will automatically show you which microphones are available for use.

Dragon also lets you use multiple audio device types within the same profile, so you can easily switch to another microphone while keeping all your personalized preferences, for example, a USB mic at home, a wireless mic at work, and your laptop’s built-in mic while you’re on-the-go. • Use with Your Favorite Mac Applications – Dragon for Mac was built from the ground up for Mac OS, and was made to work with your favorite Mac applications, including Mail, iChat, iCal, TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, Safari, Keynote, Scrivener, and many more. Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also supported, as are Facebook, Twitter, and other web-based applications and tools. • Supports Several Different File Formats – With Dragon Professional Individual for Mac you can transcribe from.mp3 audio files. Other supported formats include.aif,.aiff,.wav,.mp4,.m4a, and.m4v.