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I am incredibly frustrated. My Natural Reader software would work fine with whatever online test online, if I were allowed to fucking HIGHLIGHT the god damn text. I will not be able to get through as much material as quickly and my frustration tolerance will be so, so much lower without audio help. Audiobooks alone won't do any good. I need to see the test questions and have software or something read it aloud.

I tried getting the reader as an accommodation, they said no. I appealed, they gave me additional extra time, but still said no to the reader. I am sooo pissed right now. I h.ave all these tools that help so much that I'm not able to use. Does anyone have any reference materials that will help me out? They basically gave me ADD accommodations.

50% extra time the first time documentation was sent. Had a lawyer write up and send an appeal, saying my dyslexia wasn't accommodated and the time was good but it doesn't matter how much time you give a dyslexic, they'll still read it wrong. They replied giving 100% extra time and still no reader. I can obviously do the test without one, but the amount of rereading and proofing I'll have to do will be nuts.

So the extra time will help in that sense. The psychologist who diagnosed me is pissed. His argument is 'they're saying you don't need one because you're intelligent, but you'll STILL be handicapped and clipped from getting the best score you can get because of your condition, which is unfair.' I went through all of undergrad not knowing about it. I just thought everyone and their mothers were bad writers and that's why reading was so hard. I rarely completed reading assignments but my other strengths compensated.

Then, when he showed me the reading software and using it after a few days, I wanted to cry. It was so, so much easier to get through material. I didn't have to reread over and over. I didn't replace random words with my own anticipatory dialogue. But right now, I'm worried I won't be permitted to use these tools in 'the real world.'

I know which is why I said let him get the best score he can. Schools love a story like this and all he has to do is spin it well. If he's in the US, visiting AdComs, explaining the situation and then putting in a well-thought out application will absolutely negate the lower score. Look I'm not saying he's going to get into H/W/S because he's dyslexic. I am saying that he can get over the bump of a lower GMAT score by explaining his situation and hopefully already having a strong all-round profile. Very sorry that you've had to go through this. I've dealt with many dyslexic GMAT students but admittedly not requiring readers.

While two have successfully received extra time (yes, the general ADD accommodation), the overwhelming majority have been denied even this. Usually I say it's worth a shot to try, but not to invest too much time or effort into it as GMAC is incredibly stingy about such things. There's no point in trying to make excuses--this isn't good but luckily adcoms will acknowledge the issue (as certainly happened in one of the aforementioned cases; the second is on-going). Understanding bit more about how the dyslexia manifests could give me some ideas for materials recommendations.

Feel free to PM or ask here. No, there's no point in excuses.


Which is why I'm already scheduled to take it in a month and have been studying. I do have a decent GPA in a difficult major (engineering), but if I want an exceptional score then I have to make it happen. It's not like people without dyslexia don't have weaknesses and strengths they have to compensate for as well.

And that 100% extra time is something I'm lucky to have. The problem I seem to find is I read words that aren't there. Meaning, I'd gotten so used to dealing with reading issues that I trained myself to compensate by anticipating what the sentence is about to say. The problem kinda shows up when questions are nuanced, where I will understand what is happening but I will misread the question and fall for a trick answer. That's an area where I'm confident the extra time will help -- I'll have plenty of time to check my answers. Slowing down seems to have helped some, but I don't want to rely on the extra time so much to the point where I'm baby stepping through the exam.