This tutorial contains instructions to resolve the Outlook for MAC Search Not. Not work and returns 'No Results' when you try to find something in Outlook mail.

How To Search For Emails In Outlook For Mac

This document will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to find the folder location of an email message when using the search function in Microsoft's Outlook email clients path Overview When using the search function in Outlook to locate a message, Outlook can also tell you in which folder the message is located. This is especially helpful for users with many folders or complex/nested folder structures. After Outlook has returned your search results, you may follow the steps below for your email client to find the folder a message is in. • Outlook on the Web • Open the message by double-clicking on it. Or, if you have the reading pane enabled, simply click on the message and look below the To: field to see the name of the folder in which the message is located. • Outlook for Windows • In the Windows Outlook desktop clients, double-click on the message, then click on the File menu.

Within the 'Move to Folder' selection, the message's location will be displayed. • Outlook for Mac • Click on the search field in the upper-right corner of Outlook to reveal the 'Search' ribbon. From the 'Search' ribbon, you may choose to search the folder you are currently in, subfolders, all mail, or all items (includes calendar events and contacts). Can i use filezilla for mac. • To find the location of a message returned in your search results, simply open the message in a separate window by double-clicking it, and the folder location will be shown at the top of the window.

• Outlook mobile apps (Android & iOS) • In the Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS apps, a message returned by a search will show you the folder location automatically, to the right of the message sender's display name. See Also: • • • • •.