Since January 2017 all students at Uppsala University are offered an Office 365 Education account including Microsoft’s Office package, calendar and email service. Office 365 Education Office 365 Education is a collection of online and offline tools and services for students: • Office 2016 a.k.a. Office Pro Plus is an 'offline-version” of the Office package, which you can download to your computer (works for both Windows and Mac). This includes, but is not limited to: Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. • Online versions of OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Forms. • Email, Calendar, Address book and Tasks.

Some clients are Mac specific though and you will need to find the best Windows alternative of your Mac email client. We decided to put together a list of our favorite Windows alternatives to OS X email clients.

• Sharepoint online with 1TB of OneDrive storage, Video, Delve and Newsfeed. Not all available apps in Office 365 Education are activated in our environment. Your account at Office 365 Education will expire when your student account is deactivated after you end your studies. If you have email and/or other data (documents, pictures etc.) saved at Office 365 Education you will have to move it to another location before the closing date. Email With your student account you get a personal email address where the university sends information about your studies. Since January 2017 all students at Uppsala University are offered an Office 365 Education account including Microsoft’s email service. Your email is hosted by via Office 365 Education, where you receive an inbox with 50 GB of email space. Just visit using any device and log on with user ID and your Password A. You can also configure your email in different ways.

You can for example configure an autoreply or set up email forwarding if you want to keep using your old Gmail, Hotmail or other email services. When you configure other email client you need to use the instructions for Exchange account settings. You cannot use the instructions for pop, imap or as these ways to connect are not supported in our Office 365 Education, even though you will find such instructions on Microsoft support web. Get started with Office 365 To get started, please visit using any device and log on with your user ID and your Password A.

Word for mac edit two windows. For support, please visit Microsoft’s help pages: • • • • (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) • • • For more information, please contact IT Servicedesk at or 018-471 44 00.

How to make a custom cape for minecraft 1.11.2 mod minecraft capes on mac. • On windows open Run from the start menu, type%appdata% and click Run. • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.

RECOMMENDED: Are you bored of the default mouse cursor or pointer in Windows 10? Do you like the pointer offered in macOS? In this guide, we will see how to download and install macOS pointer in Windows 10.

Like its predecessors, Windows 10 also ships with a bunch of mouse points. While there is nothing wrong with the default black and white cursor, the cursor has not seen a major update for years. Because of this, many users are bored of the default cursor and want to replace the default one with a cool cursor. As said before, Windows 10 ships with a bunch of cursors and also allows you change the but most of the cursors available in Windows 10 look more or less the same. Download and install Mac cursor in Windows 10 If you’re really bored of the default cursor, you should install the macOS cursor in Windows 10. Complete the given below directions to download and install the Mac cursor in Windows 10.

Step 1: Visit of Deviantart page and download the macOS mouse cursor pack for Windows 10. The download link is on the right-side of the page.

Step 2: Once downloaded, extract the zip file to a new folder on desktop or any other place. To extract, right-click on the zip file, click Extract all, select a location to save extracted files and then clicking Extract button. Step 3: Locate the file named Install.inf, right-click on the same, and then click Install option to install the Mac cursor in Windows 10.

Step 4: Now that you have installed Mac cursors, it’s time to select the newly installed cursor. To do so, type Main.cpl in Start menu or Run command box and then press Enter key to open Mouse Properties dialog. Step 5: Switch to Pointers tab, select the new EI Capitan from the drop down menu, and then click Apply button. The Mac-style cursor should appear now. The above mentioned mouse cursor is compatible with all builds of Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit.