On this page: • • Word for Windows (2010 and 2007) To convert one or more footnotes or endnotes: • Open your document and select the References tab. In the Footnotes group, click Show Notes.

Pick a word processor that inserts notes and creates an automatic link to the endnotes page. While you can insert a superscript number yourself and then scroll to your endnotes page to write the note, it is much easier to use the Endnote Function in your word processor.

• Select the notes you want to convert, and then right-click. Select Convert to Footnote or Convert to Endnote.

To convert all footnotes or endnotes: • Open the document and select the References tab. • Click the Footnote & Endnote Dialog Box launcher (it appears as a small square in the bottom-right corner of the tab). Then click Convert. • Click OK or Apply.

Word for Mac OS X (2011 and 2008) • With your document open, from the Insert menu, select Footnote. • In Word 2011, click Convert. In Word 2008, click Options., and then click Convert. • Select from one of the following options: • Convert all footnotes to endnotes • Convert all endnotes to footnotes • Swap footnotes and endnotes • Click OK in each of the dialog boxes. Silhouette cameo driver for mac.

An endnote consists of two linked parts: the endnote reference number that appears in source text, and the endnote text that appears in a new frame at the end of the document. There is an adornment at the bottom left corner of the endnote frame. You can create endnotes or import them from Word or documents.

Endnotes are automatically numbered as they are added to a document. You can control the numbering style, appearance, and layout of endnotes.

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Make Word For Mac Use Numerals For Endnotes

Also, the numbering auto-adjusts based on the rearrangements of the endnotes in the text. You can add endnotes in a table as well. As you edit endnote text, note the following: • Endnotes are created in a new frame having an adornment at the bottom left corner of the frame.

Clicking on the adornment opens the Endnote Options dialog box. • The endnote frame cannot be threaded to any other story. • Endnotes in the endnote frame are indicated with Endnote Markers.

Text, such as heading, can be typed in the endnote frame outside these markers. This extra content does not belong to any endnote. • You can cut endnote frame and paste it anywhere in order to move the endnote frame within the document. • Deleting the endnote reference marker deletes the entire endnote text corresponding to it.

Similarly, deleting the endnote text deletes its reference marker. • Deleting entire endnote frame deletes all the corresponding endnote references. • Deleting all the endnote references deletes all the endnote text. Text outside the endnote markers is not deleted. • You can select and apply character and paragraph formatting to endnote text.

You can also select and change the appearance of the endnote reference number, but the recommended method is using the Document Endnote Options dialog box. • When you cut or copy text that includes the endnote reference number, the endnote text is also added to the clipboard. If you copy the text to a different document, the endnotes in that text use the characteristics of the new document’s numbering and layout appearance. • If you clear overrides and character styles on a paragraph that includes an endnote reference marker, the footnote reference numbers lose the attributes you applied in the Document Endnote Options dialog box.