Apr 14, 2016 - In OS X, you can customize files and folders by changing their icons. You become a better, more efficient user of Mac OS X El Capitan. Course • 2h 30m 10s • 761 viewers. This I can just delete, so I'll just drag that to the trash. Customizing Finder windows. 10m 38s Change icons for files and folders. El Capitan Menu Bar running on Windows 10. El Capitan Style Start Button The El Capitan style start button provides Mac like access to the Windows start menu. Not working in windows 7 32 bit. The system tray icon does not appear, the percentage of battery and wifi icon.

I go into bootcamp, it opens, I click continue, and instead of asking me to select what i would like to install, it skips right to partitioning the disk. Something very strange that I noticed is it didn't ask me what installation media I wanted to use.

Only showed the rectangle for partitioning your disk. I select what size I would like to make the partition, and click continue. Art software for mac. It asks for my password, I put it in, and it starts partitioning. It restarts on its own, asks me a few questions about how I want to install it, and it brings me to a screen saying something like, 'please eject installation media and restart computer so windows can start normally, then plug back in installation media'.

I take out the installation media, restart my computer, and it never brings me back to windows. I try again, this time holding the option key. Again, no windows. Keep in mind that it didn't ask me what installation media I wanted to use. That's probably the source of the problem.

I am running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, and I downloaded my ISO from this website: help? Thanks in advance.