Metal Fatigue is a real-time strategy game taking the genre to new heights - literally. Build and customize your massive Combots to dominate the three battlefield levels simultaneously - from orbit, to the surface, and even underground! The first Group for all Metal Fatigue-Fans, no matter if Rimtech, Mil-Agro, Neuropa or Hedoth;) VIEW ALL. POPULAR DISCUSSIONS view all 126. It works for me using Hamachi or Evolve. GameRanger only works with my old CD Version of the Game. Sadly even with Hamachi and Evolve, both the new GOG Version and the Steam Version only work with.

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Genre: Real Time Strategy Release Year: 2000 Developer: Zono Inc Publisher: Psygnosis Age Rating: 12+ Playability Status: Perfect Tested On: Windows 10 x64 Availability: Copyright retained - Out of print/unavailable There’s an unwritten rule in Japanese science fiction, add a giant mecha suit (think robots, but with human pilots) into the mix and everything is ten times better. Metal Fatigue takes this approach with the RTS genre, allowing you to construct giant stomping power suits to dominate the battlefield. Apart from that, your various war machines will also fight battles on three different planes; in the sky, on the ground and underground too. Installation While the game appears to have a 32 bit installation program, we were not able to get the game to install on our Windows 10 machine at all.