Slidemote is a challenging maze-type puzzle game where your goal is to figure out a path that gets Sammy the Slider into his Treasure Box. Sammy is a small orange ball who is stranded in a huge garden.

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In each level, he needs to get back to his Treasure Box, and it’s your job to help him. The problem is, Sammy can only slide horizontally or vertically, and his Treasure Box is always at an angle from him. He only has a certain number of moves (slides) in each level, so you must plan wisely. You must strategically use the various objects placed around the garden to create a path for Sammy to get back to his Box, one move at a time. The objects placed around the garden help Sammy to reach his goal. He can bounce off them, use them to stop himself and move them into the right position.

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Once you slide Sammy at his Treasure Box (he must hit off it), you progress to the next level. This tricky brain teaser should help to improve your strategic thinking as you try to find a solution that will help Sammy. It should also exercise your problem solving abilities as you plan the route that will lead the little guy home.

Are you ready to do a good deed and guide the little guy to his favorite treasure chest? How to Play: Sammy can only move horizontally or vertically and he moves one direction at a time. Once you start him sliding, he can’t stop unless he hits something.

Your goal is to get him to his Treasure Box (the level exit), so slide/move him toward objects that get him into position for a final slide into the Box. To slide Sammy, use your Arrow Keys. Remember, he can only slide in one direction at a time, so if you set him moving to the right, he keeps sliding until either he hits an object or slides off the game screen.

If he slides off the screen, it’s game over and you have to replay the level. If you run out of moves, you also have to replay the level. You can see how many moves you have remaining in the bottom left corner of the game area. There are various different objects placed around the garden that Sammy can use as a buffer to stop himself.

Solid rectangle patches of green stop Sammy in his tracks. These are the most useful.

Pink Bubble-gum patches bounce Sammy back in the opposite direction. Sand Castles stop Sammy, then crumble out of his way once he hits them. Blue Ice-patches slide in whatever direction Sammy hits them. Use these objects to Sammy’s advantage and create a pathway for him to slide into his Treasure Box. Happy sliding! If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try playing on Chrome or Firefox browser.

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