Word 2011's privacy option has a check box for 'Remove personal information from this file on save', but 2016 does not. Is this located somewhere else we can't find? This thread is locked. Document Properties and Personal Information - Invisible Content - Hidden Text; Click Inspect. The system will search for items that pertain to the categories you selected. If it finds any items, you will be prompted to remove them. Click Remove All to delete the information. To finish, click Close. Word for mac remove paragraph symbols. In Word, the Document Inspector displays several different Inspectors that allow you to find and remove hidden data and personal information that is specific to Word documents. For a list of the different types of hidden data and personal information that the Document Inspector can find and remove from Word documents, review the following table. Save as Word Template (This will normally appear under my Templates, but I presume you could overwrite the existing Blank template, wherever it is located). Then when creating a new document, use the new template you created.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will now launch remotely. It is important to note that performance of the web browser will vary depending on the type/speed of internet connection that you have at your disposal. The faster and more reliable the connection, the more performant IE 11 will be on your Mac. You may also like to check out.

Run Internet Explorer on Mac is easy. Loading mechjeb on steam for mac download. Globally, there are millions of users who are required to use Microsoft Internet Explorer for banking, human resources, tax systems, and many other corporate intranets. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft Edge are free browsers that are more stable and secure than IE. However, Internet Explorer is still the second most popular web browser in the world.

Downloading internet explorer on mac

This leaves current Mac® users in a bit of a bind. This is where arrives as a reliable solution. How to install Internet Explorer on Mac with Parallels Desktop: • Download •,, or of a Microsoft Windows operating system.

• Launch Internet Explorer in Microsoft Windows simultaneously alongside macOS® without rebooting With Parallels Desktop you can easily download and run any popular PC programs, such as, or even play games. Issues with Other Solutions: Boot Camp – This option demands for a partition on an existing hard drive. This means a user would be required to and erase all existing files and partition that hard drive to make space for a Windows operating system. These two partitions on the hard drive are not seamlessly running side by side—they are divided, and act as such. With Parallels Desktop, users run a virtual machine on their Mac, and the rich integration of the two operating systems creates a seamless match. Users are then able to copy and paste, drag and drop, use Spotlight to search within Windows, or use even Cortana on Mac.

Not to mention, the ability to share folders between the two operating systems allows users to avoid rebooting your Mac every time. Pretend to run Internet Explorer with Safari’s development tools – This option creates the opportunity for unexpected interruptions to your workflow later. Within Safari, there is an advanced setting to “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar,” which will provide you with a drop-down menu with Develop tools to launch a webpage in another browser, such as Internet Explorer. This is a fantastic built-in resource for web developers to test—but for an everyday user, this is not ideal.

If users select one of these above options, Safari will send a different user agent. (A user agent is the string of code that a user’s browser sends to the desired site to let the site know which browser the user is attempting to access the site from.) This doesn’t always work, as web forms are rarely supported through this method, and can cause web masters to ban any further access via Safari. This is not an ideal solution for long-term use, and users will not know if this solution will work until settings are changed and attempted. Need to buy a Microsoft Windows operating system?