The Outlook Preferences file does not contain all the app's preferences and reseting Outlook Preferences will not remove email or account settings. How to use: Open OutlookResetPreferences utility. Click the Reset Now! This will quit Outlook if it’s open and reset the preferences back to defaults. Outlook Forms on Outlook for Mac. That I need to reply to. However, I have a Mac and cannot get the form to show on Outlook. Anyone know of a way to use Outlook's form feature on a Mac? It is Outlook 2011 FYI. Macos microsoft-outlook microsoft-outlook-2011. Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair; more (33) MathOverflow; Mathematics.

For this part of the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook series, let's talk about what is supported. At the time of this post, I am covering what is currently supported, including the specific features and clients for which they are available. Here is the link to the documentation, which is updated and maintained by the product group, if at any time, this documentation becomes out of date. The most common questions I receive in this area are: • Does the App for Outlook support Appointment or Contact tracking on the Mobile Outlook App? This is not available. It only supports Received Emails.

• Can I use the App for Outlook in OWA on a mobile device? No, the App for Outlook is not supported on Mobile OWA for any feature. • Can I track tasks at all with the App for Outlook? No, tracking of Tasks is currently not available for the App for Outlook on any client • Why can't I access the add-in from OWA to track Contacts? Contact tracking is not currently available in OWA Feature support per client. (O)nline: Dynamics 365 (online), Exchange Online (M)ixed: Dynamics 365 (online), Exchange Server 2013/2016 (1) Tracking email in compose mode and tracking appointments requires Exchange Server 2013 CU14 or Exchange Server 2016.

(2) Tracking contacts is supported only on Exchange Server 2016 CU3 and Outlook 2016 16.0.6741.1000 C2R version or later. Or, Outlook 2016 MSI version 16.0.4444.1000 or higher with the following KBs installed. For more information, see these KB articles: • • • • (3) Supported only on Outlook 2016 16.0.7426.1049 or later. (4) Supported on iPhones 6S or higher, with iOS 8 or higher. Supported browsers for Outlook on the web (OWA) You can use the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook with Outlook on the web on the following browsers: • Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge The following configuration is supported: • Protected Mode is enabled for Internet security zone. To enable Protected Mode: in IE 11, go to Tools > Internet options > Security tab > Internet. • Protected Mode is enabled for Local intranet security zone.

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To enable Protected Mode: in IE 11, go to Tools > Internet options > Security tab > Local Internet. • Your Dynamics 365 URL is in the Local intranet security zone list of trusted websites. In IE 11, go to Tools > Internet options > Security tab > Local intranet > Sites > Advanced. • Google Chrome (latest version) on Windows • Firefox (latest version) on Window • Apple Safari (version 9 or version 10) on Mac or on OSX An important section to call out from the requirements link is the following section: If you drill into this, you will find the following: Internet Explorer 11 or later, which must be installed but doesn't have to be the default browser. To support Office Add-ins, the Office client that acts as host uses browser components that are part of Internet Explorer 11 or later. What exactly does this mean? - This means that due to the Office Add-in dependency, the App for Outlook only renders in Internet Explorer 11. Wacom intuos pro driver windows 10

If your organization is looking to update your JavaScript libraries and web resources in Dynamics 365 to start using the latest JavaScript language syntax (currently ), your custom JavaScript may fail through App for Outlook. A transpiler, such as Babel or Typescript, should be used to allow this to work with IE 11 through the App for Outlook. Another important piece to call out from the supportability and requirements documentation is the following: What does this mean? - The App for Outlook is not supported and will not work if Oauth is disabled in Exchange Online. OWA does not use Oauth, so you may see the App for Outlook connect there. However, if you try to connect from the Outlook desktop application, this will fail to connect to Exchange. In the diagram below, OfficeJS is what handles Oauth to Exchange Online.