I know there have been other topics related to this, but I haven't been able to find a straight answer about what drives would be the best. I'd like to be sure before I buy anything. At the moment I have a Mac Pro with just a 1TB drive that came with it from the factory. I want to install a SSD drive as the boot drive, but i'm a bit confused as to which one to go for. By looking through forums, a lot of people seem to be saying Intel make the best drives? I was thinking of this drive: Is there another around the same capacity that would work better and is maybe a bit cheaper?

Shop for solid state drives for macbook pro at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Skip to content. This Samsung Pro Series solid-state drive reads at speeds up to 560MB/sec. For fast access to individual files. Price Match Guarantee $214.99.

~64gb would work too. I see the Kingston ones are cheap, but their read/write speeds seem poor. This one looks good too: I was thinking of getting two if I can afford it so I can have windows on one of them to play games. But it would probably work out cheaper to get a 128gb drive and partitioning it, wouldn't it? Any help would be appreciated! Hi Tiraquon, Welcome to the Apple Discussions, You might take a look at this review before making a final decision.

I have both Intels and OCZ Vertexes in my Mac. My Intels are first gen, before Intel revised them, somehow, to come out with their latest offerings. But I'm baffled by something, I could have sworn that the new Intels had much better write speeds than that listed, 70MB/sec. Those are my write speeds. Read-wise however they seem better than mine, I can't recall exactly, and those look very good on the Intel you listed. The Samsung has almost as good Read speeds, but their Write speeds are much better.

The only caveat I would have with those is that I believe they are relative newcomers to the SSD scene and there hasn't been a lot written about them. But while Intel has had two major bugs that had to be fixed in their current line up so far, I haven't heard the same thing about Samsungs, but again, they are new. The Vertex had been out for awhile now and as far as I can tell have gotten no bad press yet at all. And if consumer demand is any indication, the most popular Vertex, the 120GB, has actually risen in price since I first got mine. However they do offer a 60GB for a pretty good price, more in line with what you want to spend I think.

This is the main OCZ SSD product page, the Agility series is worth looking into also: They have a Mac Edition which I have, but it's the same as their regular top selling drive and has begun to cost more again. So if you were to go for either, go for the least expensive. Intel seems to have the lead of all the drives I can think of in Read speed, but I'd hesitate to think it's that much of an advantage over the others. On the other hand, if Intel hasn't been able to up their Write speeds, and I could have sworn they did, that in my view would put them at a significant disadvantage to the others.

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The Samsung looks more on par with the Vertex and I think thats a good thing. Crucial's drives look good but they've had problems like Intel.

I wish I could help you out on the price and capacity front but it's a bit like watching the stock market. What I did was choose the model and capacity that looked to be about what I could afford and then blitz the internet looking for the best price. That worked out pretty well too, sellers have some real discrepancies with how much they charge for the same item elsewhere. I hope any of this has helped.

Samsung Ssd For Mac Pro 2009

As you can tell I think very highly of the Vertex, but really it's an informed balancing act as SSDs are still very new. But I would definitely keep an eye on the Write speeds of any drive you might be interested in. I think that's important. Good luck in your choice and in finding the best price.