To setup an Office 365 Premium account in Microsoft Outlook on Mac OSX follow the instructions below: • Open Outlook. From the Outlook menu select Preference • In the Preferences window select Accounts • Now select Exchange Account • Enter your Office 365 Premium email address. Your user name is your full email address • Click on Add Account • You may then be prompted to allow Outlook to check with a server. If this happens select Allow • Close the configuration window. Your account is now ready to use.

Note: If you already have a Mail account set up, choose Mail and then Add Account to add an account. 2 From the Choose a mail account to add. Window, select Add Other Mail Account. And then click Continue. Outlook on mac account settings

After you've, you can set up your email on Outlook 2016 on your Mac. If you have a Business or Business Premium account, you can • Open Outlook 2016, click Outlook then click Preferences. (Learn how to.) • Click Accounts. • Click + (plus) and then click New account. • Enter your Office 365 email address and click Continue. • Enter your Password and click Sign In. • Click Done, if you have more than one account you can decide which account you want to set as the default account.


• Your account will display and emails will start to load, this can take a few minutes. Test your Apple Mail by sending yourself an email from your and responding to it from Apple Mail. Next step • • More info • •.

Follow the instructions below to setup Microsoft Outlook after the Microsoft Office 2016 installation has completed. In order to ensure a successful import of your data to Microsoft Outlook 2016, you should be running version Microsoft Outlook 2011 version 14.3.5 or above. To sign up for an Office 365 business plan, go to the Office Products site and choose Buy now. Choose the plan you want to sign up for, such as Office 365 Business Premium. Follow the steps to sign up for an Office 365 business plan and then add users and connect your domain. More at Sign up for.