Office 365 (Outlook 2013/2016) Importing and Exporting Calendars on PC & Macs. Office 365 Calendars can be imported or exported with the Outlook desktop client. To export a calendar file from Outlook 2013 (Windows). To export a calendar file from Outlook 2016 (Mac).

Set up Office 365 file storage and sharing • • 9 minutes to read • Contributors • • • • • • In this article One of the best ways to set up file storage and sharing for your business is to use OneDrive for Business and a team site together. This is ideal if you have a small business with a few employees. Office 365 includes a basic team site for you to get started. You can immediately start storing files in OneDrive and collaborating on files in the team site. Where you can store documents in Office 365 • OneDrive is designed for individual use, with the occasional sharing of files. • A SharePoint team site is designed for sharing and collaborating on files regularly.

A team site is ideal for storing files that have shared ownership where several people own the files and might collaborate on them. Create a Microsoft Team to add a SharePoint site. Both OneDrive and team sites provide anywhere access for you and your employees. Here are recommendations for what to store in each location when you use OneDrive and team sites together: Storage location What it's for What to store here OneDrive Storing content in OneDrive is like storing files on your computer; no one else can easily access them.

For more info, see Business files that other team members won't need to collaborate on or access regularly. SharePoint team sites Collaboration. When you create an Office 365 group (for example, in the Office 365 admin center, in Outlook, or by creating a team in Microsoft Teams) a SharePoint team site is created for that group. Likewise, when you create a new SharePoint team site from the SharePoint home page or from the new SharePoint admin center preview, it also creates an Office 365 group. For more info see.

Files that have shared ownership. We recommend separate team sites for each unit of work in your organization. For example, to keep personnel and financial documents private to a small team, create a separate team site. Note SharePoint also has other types of sites you can use for your business. You can use in your intranet to publish information for a broad audience. And you can use to connect sites in your intranet.

Start using OneDrive and your team site Team members can store their own files in OneDrive Each person in your business who has an Office 365 license assigned (and SharePoint Online selected) gets OneDrive cloud storage. They can store business-related files here for access from any device, and they are only available to that user. For example, they might store a draft proposal, their meeting notes, or the script for a demo they're going to deliver. Employees can also share OneDrive files and folders. If an employee is away or leaves the company, others can access shared files stored in OneDrive. Here's how each person on your team can set up OneDrive and share files.

• Go to to sign in, and sign in with your user name and password. • On the Office 365 home page, choose OneDrive. • In OneDrive, team members can store their own business-related files. You can share either individual files, or a whole folder.

Pick a file or folder, right click, and then choose Share. • On the Send Link page, leave the default selection Anyone with the link can view and edit. Type names or email addresses of team members who you want to have access to the folder, and add an optional message. If you want your own copy of the email that will be sent, add your email address to the list. • When you're done entering who you want to share with, choose Send.

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The email is immediately sent to the people you invite. • Here's what the email looks like. Explore your team site Office 365 includes a basic team site with some features to help you get started. Only the people in your business can access this internal website.

Here's how you get to your team site: • Go to to sign in, and sign in with your user name and password. • On the Office 365 home screen, choose SharePoint and then choose your team site link on the left-hand navigation menu.


• You'll see your team's home page. This page includes: • The main page displays team News and Activity, such as new files added or recently edited. • The +New button to add elements to the home page, such as a document library, list, or new page. • The left-hand navigation menu to get to other areas on your team site, like the team document library. Upload files to your team site for online collaboration To help you get started storing and sharing files quickly, your team site comes with a place to store files. It's called the Documents library as in a 'library of documents.' Here are the steps to add files: • On the home page of your team site, choose Documents from the left-hand navigation menu.