Jan 19, 2017 - Steam Controller not working at all (Mac). Controller works fine with many other games but I can't even get it to interface in the Broforce menu.

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• - Technical issues and non-configuration questions. • - Posts regarding the subreddit itself. Related Subreddits Filters (subreddit theme must be enabled). I've been using my SC with my Mac (MBP, 2009) since it arrived in January & my overall experience with it has been really positive.

Once the settings are tweaked & comfortable it is a joy to use, in games and as a 'remote' for your computer. It does tend to be a bit buggier than Windows & Steam seems to crash more than when I use it on my brother's gaming PC, but for me it hasn't detracted much from the experience. However, as many others here have already stated, the biggest ongoing issue for Mac users (in my opinion) is that the modifier keys (shift, alt/option, ctrl/command) do not work.

I assume Steam's virtual keyboard is sending key codes that don't translate correctly to Mac. I tested this a while back - soon after getting my controller - mapping every virtual key to the SC and using a mix of Notepad, the Mac's virtual keyboard viewer, and the Key Codes app from the Mac app store (free) to see the output. Well, I should preface this restating that I have a relatively older Mac - 2009 MBP with Core2 Duo & 512mb mobile video card - it's at the bottom end of the recommended system specs for running Steam big picture mode. It feels like most of my crashes have been less game-related and more big picture mode-related. My computer doesn't seem to like running a game - especially a demanding one - and big picture at the same time. Even by itself I run BPM windowed at the lowest resolution.

By crash I mean Steam crashing, not necessarily the game. You'll tell pretty quick if its happened if all of a sudden your controller is unresponsive:P Sometimes this might also lead to the game crashing as well, especially if it uses steam services like cloud save etc, but it seems like the overall culprit is Steam crashing. Best single player sniper osx 10. This was fairly common for me when I first got my SC - BPM was required a few months back - but happens much less recently since the SC is now usable with the regular Steam client. (I also stick with the beta client btw - so take these crashes with a grain of salt.) I still switch to BPM to edit my configs because the editor popup in the regular client runs terribly on my computer. I assume a lot of these issues would be less common for more recent/powerful computers though - if anyone has had a better experience with this please chime in. There isn't any particular game types that have stuck out as problematic - I've made community configs for about ten Mac games and have a dozen more that I've been working on/haven't published (across a few different genres). Sometimes specific games haven't worked for me - I haven't tried them recently but Race the Sun always crashed with the SC for some reason, & Binding of Isaac (original) hasn't been cooperative though I think its due to their old Flash engine - but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

I only have the one SC so I can't tell you how Macs handle multiples. Not sure if you're still soliciting opinions, but: I got the Steam Controller for my Mac a couple days ago. When it works, it works amazingly well. But, it rarely works perfectly from the get go.