When I go to About this Mac > Software, I see Quicktime player v10 and Quicktime player v7.6.3, but no mentiton of 'Pro' - when I do a software update, all is up to date. Apple quicktime mpeg-2 playback component is not installed. On Aug 31, 2009 at 5:21:58 pm. After about 2 days in the wilderness I finally found an easy.

Ffmpegx requires that you download and install some freeware mpeg2 encoders (, but it looks like those might not help you with playback. The note about mpeg2 on that site says you need either the apple one or vlc to playback mpeg2 / muxed files. Best survival games for mac on steam. I didn't realize that streamclip requires an mpeg2 codec to load the muxed vob file.

(i had the codec installed previously and never ran into the problem). How did you get the powerpc mpeg2 codec, which i gather from your other thread isn't working on your mactel?

The Apple Quicktime Mpeg2 Playback Component Free Download For Mac

If you got it legally with final cut or dvdstudio pro, you should be able to download the updated codec with your serial number. Try divx for playback I record mpeg2 on a pc tv tuner and passed the file over to the mac. It sort of works.the first part of the video plays fine, but several minutes in it gets garbled and then I just get a green screen I checked the original on my pc and it plays fine with the divx codec, but the same file does not play well on the Mac.

I would buy the apple codec, but it has a 'shipping' charge from the apple store. I don't want a box in the mail, I just want to download the software and use it now. I couldn't find the codec on the Apple store - I had looked before and tried again after seeing this thread. I am also hoping to do the same thing as a I do a fair bit of video-editing and want to use my Sony DCRSR80 HDD that records in MPEG-2 with Final Cut Express.

I don't want to do the conversion idea mentioned here (I'd probably use Pinnacle Studio 11 on my Vista machine) because if I remember correctly, they are lossy formats so I'd quality drop each time. Its also just a hassle that I'd really like to avoid if I can.

I've seen this too. Not in all, but some FCP systems. Even FCS 2 systems. I have two MacPros both still FCS 2. In one, I can open MPEG-2/VOBs with MPEGStreamclip, in the other, I can't. In the one I can, the entire OS and FCS was freshly installed recently.

In the one that I can't and which shows this warning, the system has been upgraded over the original. The one with the 'DVD-capable' MPEG Streamclip is a MacPro Quad-core OSX 10.5.6, QT 7.6.2 The one with the 'DVD-impaired' MPEG Streamclip is a MacPro 8-core OSX 10.5.7, QT 7.6.2 So there's possibly one combination of OS and QT updates or the order of installing a QT version before/after FCS that breaks MPEG Streamclip's ability to open MPEG-2. ----------------------------------- Neil Sadwelkar neilsadwelkar.blogspot.com twitter: fcpguru FCP Editor, Edit systems consultant Mumbai India. Hi Neil, Thanks for the response.

When I go to About this Mac > Software, I see Quicktime player v10 and Quicktime player v7.6.3, but no mentiton of 'Pro' - when I do a software update, all is up to date. I am running snow leopard. SQUARED5 makers of mpegstreamclip say this on their site requirements for mpeg2: For MPEG-2 playback and conversion, you need the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component. Gap for gimp mac.

You can buy it from Apple (If you have either Final Cut Pro or DVD Studio Pro, then the component is already installed and you don't have to buy it; but you may need to download the latest version from Apple. If you bought an older version of the component, you can update it to the latest version (Note that the MPEG-2 component is neither required nor useful for MPEG-1 or MPEG-4 files. But it is required for VOB files and transport streams, because they are MPEG-2 files. But that page does not offer to update! I wonder if I should uninstall QT then reinstall it? Hi Steve Thanks for the reply, I just followed that link, and it explains how to install Optional Instals from the Snow Leopard disk.