This template includes a lot of the heads of expense. Most templates offer a column for every one of these numbers, calculating your mileage for each trip depending on the difference between both column values. Additionally, the templates calculate the overall miles for the worksheet at the base of the mileage column. This small template helped me no end, and it will certainly assist you, too. Download excel budget template for mac.

Jun 8, 2018 - With VMware Workstation Player and Pro, it is possible to Install macOS Mojave 10.14 on VMware on Windows.install macos mojave on.

I have a windows 10 host OS where I have installed vmware workstation 12 player. I have an Xubuntu as a guest OS (virtual machine). The complication is: the text is too small in guest OS and almost unreadable. The steps that I have already taken to rectify the problem are given below: • I have already installed vmware tools (which is confirmed by hovering on Manage -> Reinstall vmware tools). • I have tried to manually set the resolution in the vmware before starting the virtual machine (by manually changing it to 640 by 480 and then to other settings). • In vmware workstation 12 player, i cannot see the stretch the guest OS but I have tried to stretch the guest desktop in the guest OS. Note: I am using DELL XPS 15 with 4k UHD.


Any help in this regard is highly appreciable. If I am unable to explain anything please let me know, I can provide more details. When trying to fix the Guest OS fonts sizes you can: One way: Set the installation as windows 10-64-bit and choose type as windows guest, then proceed normally. Another way: Customize within the guest by: • Right clicking the mouse to open change desktop background • Enter fonts menu and set your font size above 20, depending on your screen.

Then you can go to themes and customize the mouse pointer scale and default scaling mode for icons and desktop apps, etc. Lastly you can click on taskbar and change scale in properties. How do i find old saved versions of excel files for mac.