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WeChat for PC Windows & Mac: WeChat for PC is an excellent messaging and calling application developed by the Tencent WeChat Limited. There are numerous chat applications developed, and WeChat is one among them. Chat apps like WeChat have made communication over long distance easier. It is a multi-purpose messaging cum application that lets you instantly chat and converse with others. WeChat PC app is a popular free service that lets you keep in touch with anyone across the different parts of the world. With app, you can chat via unlimited text messages instantly for free without paying any cost. For those who rely on the chat platform to communicate with others can opt for the WeChat app. Get instant updates and make other stay updated about your friends and family with the download and installation of WeChat PC app.

With the desktop version, you will let enjoy all the features as like that of the mobile version of WeChat app. Forget the distance, time, and place as WeChat app enables you to chat with other people easily and more conveniently right from your desktop PC and at your convenient place. With an active internet connection, you can let enjoy the chatting with other WeChat app users right from your desktop PC. WeChat for PC WeChat PC app is a messaging and calling app that relies on the uninterrupted internet connection to establish a communication. With this messenger platform application, you are allowed to connect with family and friends even across countries easily. WeChat app was one of the world’s largest standalone mobile apps that has more than one billion monthly active users. Send and receive instant text messages for free with the WeChat application.

Add images, videos, images,, other types of files and documents with your messages. Chat with multiple people all at once by creating group chat option with up to 500 people at once. Add fun, animated, stickers and emojis to your text when your wanted express things in your style. When your words fail to express your feelings, then make a voice call to chat over voice. Chat over video calls on face-to-face to express things in a more lively way or to instantly share things. WeChat for PC Windows and Mac – Specifications The key specifications of WeChat PC Download are here Software Name: WeChat Software Author Name: Version: Latest version 2.3.10 License: Freeware Software Categories: Supporting Operating Systems:, Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit Languages: Multiple languages File size: 21 MB WeChat – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac? PC app lets you chat and communicate with people instantly over messages or calls.

To use WeChat app, all you need to have is the WeChat app installed on your mobile platform. With a valid mobile phone number, you can sign-up for an account. Enter the verification code to verify your account and begin your conversation or chat. Once after the installation of WeChat app on Windows desktop PC, you can scan the QR code that appears in the WeChat desktop version from your mobile device.

Noe, all your contacts, chat history, and call history will be sync on the Windows or Mac desktop PC. Now you can chat just like the way you do on the mobile version fo WeChat app. With the desktop platform, you can just enjoy typing with the wider which saves much of your time. Get instant notification on your desktop as soon as you have received a message, and so you will never miss any of the texts. WeChat for PC With WeChat Mac PC app, you can chat by sending stickers and emojis to express things more conveniently and in a lively way.

You can even place voice and when you have web camera fixed on your desktop PC. Thus, chatting over voice or video is made simple, and you can now let enjoy them in a bigger and wider screen. Share any important files like documents as an attachment in the WeChat text message. Besides this, you can hold-to-talk voice messaging and video conferencing in the chat app. You can integrate with other social networking services like Facebook and Tencent QQ as with the WeChat app for PC.