I'll add some information I just found out and posting in the forum of some screenshots. Note This is in 15.29 and was in 15.28. • First, go to Word Menu. • Then go to Microsoft menu and click on Preferences. • Notice I have Chosen Grammar and More. • Now click Settings this will open the Window as shown below: • It shows here; I have two spaces between sentences selected.

To get that point, notice the item Space between Sentences If you click on the blue button beside. You will see this: I believe the APA 6 guideline matches this setting. While in the various windows, I would suggest everyone and look around to make any other settings specified in any given specifications. These settings are the best anyone can do until the various institutions can come up with Extensions to add the features needed. I have a feeling this is the best Microsoft can do because of the Apple rules for Security (Sandboxing). _________ Disclaimer: The questions, discussions, opinions, replies & answers I create, are solely mine and mine alone and do not reflect upon my position as a Community Moderator.

If my reply has helped, mark accordingly - Helpful or Answer Phillip M. Jones, C.E.T.

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