Sans serif fonts: These have no small lines at the ends of characters (e.g., Arial). Install Fonts in Microsoft Windows You add fonts to Windows, not directly to Microsoft Word. Get instructions on installing the free fonts you downloaded from Font Squirrel. Some simple instructions for installing desktop fonts on your Mac computers.

Do you want to uninstall some fonts that you have downloaded from the Internet and installed in your Windows PC or Mac? If yes, this tutorial will help you uninstall fonts on a Windows PC and Mac. We have divided this tutorial in two parts. Part one will demonstrate the process of uninstalling fonts on a Windows PC. And, in Part Two we will let you know how to uninstall fonts on Mac.

Video Tutorial for uninstalling fonts on a Windows PC/Laptop Part One – How to Uninstall Fonts on a Windows PC Perform the below steps to complete the task of uninstalling fonts on a Windows PC in an easy manner: • Close all applications. • Click the Start button and then select Control Panel. • In the Control Panel window, click Appearance and Personalization. • Now, look for the Fonts option and once you find it, click it.

You will see the Fonts window with all fonts you have installed in your Windows PC. • Select the Font that you want to uninstall. • Click the Delete button at top of the window.

A confirmation dialog box will appear. • Click the Yes button, as shown in the below screenshot: • Repeat steps 5-7 to uninstall every font you want. Note: In order to delete many fonts in one go, hold down the CTRL key when you select fonts.

Once all the fonts are selected, follow steps 6-7 given herein above. Part Two – How to Uninstall Fonts on Mac Perform the below steps to easily uninstall fonts on Mac: • Close all the application. • In the Finder, select Go > Applications > Font Book. Font Book is an application in Mac that lets you install and manage fonts. • In the Font Book application, you will see all fonts installed in your Mac. Excel for mac and accessing the menu bar with keyboard mac.

• Select and right-click the font that you want to uninstall. • Now, select Remove (font name) option.

Remove option is followed by the name of the font you will be uninstalling. • A confirmation message will appear. Click the Remove button and the selected font will be uninstalled from Mac.

• Repeat steps 4-6 to uninstall every font you want. Note: If you feel that the selected font can be of your use later on then instead of selecting the Remove (font name) option select the Disable (font name) option. By doing this, the font will then be unavailable for use. And, when you need to use it back, you can enable it by following the same process, as demonstrated above. The only difference will be that this time you will have to select the Enable (font name) option.


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