There are three options from what I see here: • You install ubuntu (I recommend as it's lighter on your CPU and RAM). You don't need to update your Mac OS 10.7.5, it will remain intact, but you will boot on linux to develop Android Apps. There you can the latest version of with no hassle. • Go with the previous Android Development solution: +.

Android Studio on Mac OS - Accessing SDK through 'Android' Discussion in 'Android' started by alexandre-fiset, Jun 18. To the newly created link and select it as your Android SDK and now you’re ready to publish to Android from the Mac using only the new Android Studio IDE. Replace with your OS X username. The Android Studio is an Android app development software designed to create modern applications and games for mobile devices in the Java environment. If you are a Mac user and are creating programs for Android, you might find this article helpful.

Check to see what version of JDK worked on 10.7.5, install it, then install one of the versions of eclipse from Indigo to Mars and then install the above mentioned plugin. • You can try to and run the first Android Develop Studio Beta that ever appeared on the website (0.8.0), I don't think they ever supported 10.7.5, but you can try. My suggestion is to try to install linux (point 1) (maybe with the help of a friend), because it's important to have the latest SDK version and the latest updates. + It's easier to work with.

@txmail: cross platform development tools are now explicitly forbidden by Apple. In other word: if they catch you writing an app for the iPhone by using anything that is written in Objective-C (and appcelerator is using Java-to-Objective-C conversion) they can revoke your app and your developer rights. But appcelerator is precisely the kind of developer app Apple doesn't want to hear about. Youtube for mac downloader the best pc.

You must write your app in Objective-C and you cannot use cross-platform tools. – Apr 20 '10 at 3:03 •.