How to move my music files from pc to mac via passport by gsuze19 January 27, 2012 3:01 PM PST I have a ton of music files that I need to move from a pc to a mac (book) via WD passport. Jun 26, 2009  I bought myself a 'my passport for mac 320gb'. Holy Hell, if I am buying it, its because I want to exchange files. My passport for Mac: DOESNT work on pc's? Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bruleke, Jun 26, 2009. Connect your hard drive to your Mac, and transfer your files. Or if you're transferring from Windows to Mac, after your.

How can I move files from my PC to my Mac with WD My Passport and then use the HD as an external backup? I have about 1.5 TB of files on the PC and I would like to access them on my MacBook Air but keep them stored on the hard drive. I would then like to use the hard drive as an external backup device and a new place to store my music and films. Does this require re-formatting in order for the PC to get files on there?

If so, will I have to 're-re-format' it to read and write from my Mac? I am using a MacBook Air 2012 with OSX 10.7.5 2GB RAM 1.86GHz Duo Core 2 Intel Processor. Thanks, Mark. Click to expand.someone else will probably answer this better, but in the meantime. There are different formats for drives, all drives can be formatted in any of them but changing format virtually always means deleting all data. NTFS - micrsoft's format of choice. Works great on a pc.

Can't be read or write from a mac unless you buy a 3rd party driver and I've had problems in the past with both of the two main options. HFS+ - apple's format, so if your drive was bought with a mac sticker on it, its prob this. Windows can't see it without buying a clunky app. FAt32 - very old format, works on anything, and i mean anything.

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Pc, mac, wii, televisions, anything. However doesnt handle individual files over 4 gigs. ExFAT- i always have one drive formatted as this so i can access from bootcamp and pc, a modern version of fat32, can handle big files, works on mac and pc. Just doesnt work on televisions etc. If you definitely never want to use the drive with a pc again, or with bootcamp, then reformat as fat32 or expat, copy the files from pc to drive, drive to mac.

Then reformat (deleting everything) to HFS+ and use with your mac. Click to expand.Yes, use Disk Utility to format it as exFAT. Plug it into your PC. Copy the files to it. Then your Mac will be able to see the files. However, exFAT is not the most reliable filesystem in my experience.

It's kind of a kludge itself. If you only need to access the external HDD from Macs (not from any Windows PCs), then you might consider transferring the files over the wireless network from to the PC to your Mac (with the external HDD plugged in). It will take a LOT longer, but in the long-term, it might be a more reliable way to store all that data.

Or if you have a friend with a spare 1.5TB+ external drive, transfer the files to that drive and then transfer them again to your new drive.

June 15th, 2015 by Tucker Mindrum WD My Passport for Mac Review WD has released a seventh generation of their popular My Passport line of external hard drives. The most notable upgrades with this line are an increase in maximum capacity (3TB), customization options, improved backup capabilities, and a line of models designed specifically for use with Mac OS. Samsung kies for apple mac. This review explores the Mac models, but the other new features are detailed in the new review.

This line of drives is more or less just an adaptation of the My Passport Ultra that is optimized for Mac out of the box. The regular My Passport Ultra is compatible with Mac OS after reformatting, but users that know that they will be using a Mac might find this model to be easier. It comes with 256-bit AES encryption for added security, as well as compatibility with Apple Time Machine. Users can run diagnostics and format the My Passport with WD Drive Utilities, but other than that it is a plug and play drive that can be used to transfer and store up to 3TB of data. The USB 3.0 port powers the device, so no additional power supply is needed. WD My Passport for Mac carries a street price of $199.99, $99.99, and $69.99 for 3TB, 2TB, and 1TB, respectively. All models carry a 3-year warranty.