Reissue a certificate that includes the domain name as the Subject Alternative Name. This enables you to resolve the issue for all Outlook for Mac clients without having to trust the certificate from each client individually. Method 2 Trust the certificate on the Mac client. Sep 13, 2013 - Enter your real e-mail address and password in the username and password fields. Remember to use your app password here if you're using two-step verification. Click Continue to move on to the outgoing mail server settings. Step 5: Under outgoing mail server, enter ''

We've been seeing this issue for a while now: Except, rather than the domain being a subdomain of our site, it's a completely different website. After some digging, I think it's due to the fact that our normal, non-email website is hosted by a 3rd party, the domain that does come up is also hosted by the 3rd party. Microsoft's solution in that link is to reissue the certificate with the proper subdomains, but that's not the issue here, and it's not like I can put a cert on our server for someone else's website. Anybody else run into this?

I've had a few of our Mac users get really antsy about 'someone else having access to their mail', even after I explained that wasn't possible. Mercutio879 wrote: Autodiscovery works better now, but the problem remains. It appears that Outlook polls our domain first, rather than Since this IP hosts another site, it's getting the wrong site, and since we don't have HTTPS on our site, it pulls the wrong cert, which throws the error. I'll see if our web people can fix this, otherwise, we may just have to live with it.This is normal. I had the same issue and I told my webhost and they did something to fix it on their side.

I don't know what (Wish I did). Mac os x 10.8.5 download. Since that change, I have 0 issues with internal/external autodiscover.

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