The newly introduced scrolling feature in the Wacom tablet driver software is very cool, and should be more than sufficient for most users. Smart Scroll X fills a gap that the more nerdy of us may appreciate. Best calendar app for iphone. Wacom Tablet Drawing Software Linux Wacom Tablet Project v.0.9.0 The Linux Wacom Project manages the drivers, libraries, and documentation for configuring and running Wacom tablets under the Linux operating system.

USB Connection Most Wacom tablets connect to your Mac via USB, using a cable provided with your device. For the best possible connection, plug your tablet directly into a USB port on the front or back of your computer. If you've attached numerous USB devices to your Mac and must, therefore, plug your tablet into a hub to connect it, make sure you're using a powered hub that draws electrical current from an AC outlet, and not through the USB bus itself, and that you've plugged the hub into a wall outlet. Bluetooth Some Wacom tablets support both wired USB and wireless Bluetooth connections. On a Mac with Bluetooth capability, a wireless connection may enable you sit farther away from your Mac while you work. Bluetooth connections use radio waves, so they don't require a line of sight between your computer and your tablet. On the other hand, your Bluetooth connection operates on the same frequency -- 2.4GHz -- as some cordless phones and WiFi equipment.

Look for sources of interference, including metal objects between your tablet receiver and your computer, and remove or relocate them. Check the battery status light on your tablet to verify that your rechargeable lithium ion battery holds a charge. Plug in the USB cable that came with your tablet and connect it directly to your Mac while you let the battery recharge, or order a replacement from Wacom if the battery no longer functions correctly. Compatibility Wacom designs its tablet accessories for compatibility with the models they accompany. If you're trying to use an older Wacom tablet with the stylus or puck from a new Wacom device, or vice versa, your input gestures may not register.

Depending on the age of your tablet, you may be able to purchase replacement parts directly from Wacom. If you can't purchase new parts, you can find older tablets and their accessories on online auction websites. Before you buy, make sure your purchase will work with your Wacom hardware.