Claims to be able to do this. Edit: I just downloaded it, and it seems to work well enough that I think I'll switch from iTerm 1: I'm not sure what's going on with you and macports, but I just installed tmux using macports.

Dec 9, 2013 - This feature has been around in Terminal app on the Mac for quite some time, but it goes largely ignored even by the most advanced command.

It took about 30 seconds, and was completely painless. FWIW, I've subsequently spent enough time with GNU screen that I basically just use it for everything at this point. ITerm is nice if you want a local, mouse-driven multiplexer, but almost everything I do is server-side at this point, and doing it all over one SSH connection is much better anyways. I found that GNU screen does exactly what I want (just type screen in terminal), but only after I spent a few minutes learning some basics. Here is the jump start I needed on key bindings (straight from the man page) - note that you need to install the GNU version for vertical splits (listed after the FAU version that was in my Mavericks). Screen version 4.00.03 (FAU) 23-Oct-06 (included in Mavericks and likely similar in earlier) The following table shows the default key bindings: C-a ' (select) Prompt for a window name or number to switch to.

C-a ' (windowlist -b) Present a list of all windows for selection. C-a 0 (select 0) a a C-a 9 (select 9) C-a - (select -) Switch to window number 0 - 9, or to the blank window. C-a tab (focus) Switch the input focus to the next region. See also split, remove, only. Bigasoft total video converter 5 license name and code for mac. C-a C-a (other) Toggle to the window displayed previously. Note that this binding defaults to the command character typed twice, unless overridden.

Chrome • Mac OS X - Command+Shift+Delete -> Empty Cache + Clear Browsing Data • Windows - Control+Shift+Delete -> Empty Cache + Clear Browsing Data #2. The Easy Quick Steps to Clearing Your Cache For all the pros who just need reminding, here's a quick reference guide to clearing the web cache in the easiest manner possible on the latest versions of your browser (on its latest platforms). For step-by-step details, including screenshot walkthroughs and alternative methods, jump down to below the quick reference guide and find your particular browser and OS. How to clear cashe on chrome for mac. Internet Explorer • Windows - Control+Shift+Delete -> Select top three items -> Delete #3.

For instance, if you use the option '-e]x', this command becomes ']]'. C-a S (split) Split the current region into two new ones.

(help) Show key bindings. C-a (quit) Kill all windows and terminate screen.

C-a * (displays) Show a listing of all currently attached displays. Additional items with 'Screen version 4.02.01 (GNU) 28-Apr-14' (installed using sudo port install screen just now) All of the items listed above in the 4.00.02 (FAU) version, as well as: C-a S (split) Split the current region horizontally into two new ones. See also only, remove, focus. Same above, but this clarifies that it is horizontal.

C-a (split -v) Split the current region vertically into two new ones. Note: I tried searching the web for this, but words such as 'screen', 'terminal', and 'split' are so common as to make the man pages easier for me.