“PDFGuru Pro Mac Torrent” is a Business Tools, and Kun Wei developed this app, and the price of the applications is just $19.99. Fast and clean tabbed style PDF reader & editor, which make reading & editing enjoyable and efficient. New features – SimpleMind Pro for Mac. Link to bookmark in pdf document, support for linking to “page=number” in pdf links. App Store edition only.

Step 1: Connect SimpleMind for Mac to Dropbox. • In the mind map explorer click the cloud setup tab and click “Connect”. If you don't see the mind map explorer, click 'Mind Maps'. • Allow SimpleMind access to Dropbox. • This adds the Dropbox tab in the Mind Map Explorer.

• Click this Dropbox tab the folders and files in Dropbox. Step 2: Copy existing local mind maps to Dropbox. Local mind maps are not synchronized with Dropbox. If you want to store and sync an (existing) local mind map on Dropbox, you need to copy the local mind maps to the Dropbox tab. This is a one-time copy.

• To copy, select the mind maps - right click – “Copy to Cloud” – “Copy to Dropbox”. • You can now delete the copied local mind maps, they are now mere copies.

Step 3: Work directly in the Dropbox tab. You can now create new mind maps that are synced directly with the cloud. All your changes are synced at regular intervals and at shutdown. To manually force synchronization, use the “Synchronize with Dropbox” command. Tips • Open mind maps from within SimpleMind only. Opening a mind map from outside SimpleMind, for example via the Dropbox app or Finder, will import the mind map as a new local mind map.

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• Real time collaboration is not (yet) possible. Only one person a time should edit a mind map. If two persons edit the mind map at the same time a conflict copy will be created to prevent any losses.

SimpleMind for Mac is available in two editions, the App Store edition from Apple’s App Store and the SimpleApps edition as sold via our website. The editions are mostly identical. However, due to Apple’s security measures (Sandboxing) some features are not available in the App Store edition. For example, linking to a file on your computer or importing the bookmarks of a.pdf are not available in the App Store edition. Additionally, the App Store edition sporadically has problems due to sandboxing. We recommend the SimpleApps edition.


You can transfer the mind maps made with SimpleMind Lite to SimpleMind Pro. • Run SimpleMind Lite. From the main menu select “SimpleMind” →”SimpleMind Preferences” and select the tab “Local Mind Maps”. • Click “Export Mind Map Store”. Choose a filename and location, for example the desktop. • Start SimpleMind Pro.