Internet Filter and Parental Control Software Reviews Free TechMission Safe Families We-Blocker Internet Filtering and Parental Controls Software TechMission no longer offers the We-Blocker filtering software since it is not compatible with any recent versions of Windows. See our page for a few alternatives. Other Internet Safety and Parental Software Tools for the Home We strongly recommend the use of internet filters or monitoring software on all computers, especially those used by children. Internet filters are computer programs that make undesirable content unavailable to the computer user.

Monitoring software simply reports on Internet usage to someone you have chosen to receive the detailed report of the computer's usage. Use the chart below to determine what solution is best for your family. Type of Internet Service? Who to Protect? Recommended Free Option Recommended Pay Option Advanced User Option Major Dial-up (like AOL, MSN, or Earthlink) or Pre-flitered ISP Kids Not Needed Not Needed Dial-up (Other Provider) Kids Not Needed Dial-up Adults Broadband (DSL or Cable) Kids or Broadband (DSL or Cable) Adults INTERNET FILTERING FROM ISP BUILT-IN PARENTAL CONTROLS FROM ISP Note: The information in the following section may no longer be applicable, as now most people receive their Internet service through a telecom company like Verizon or a cable company like Comcast. Since this site is not being as actively updated, we have not been able to research what parental control features these services offer. Most major ISP's (Internet Service Provider) like America Online, MSN or Earthlink, provide parental controls that allow you to adjust the nature of content available to each screen name.

This means each family member can have customized access to the Internet based on age at no additional charge. The following are links that explain how to use parental controls with,. PRE-FILTERED ISP'S A more aggressive option for filtering is a filtered or a 'family-friendly' ISP. With a filtered ISP, content filtering is not an option you select and set up; it is built-in and automatic for all users. It cannot be bypassed or overridden.

Here are links to some 'family-friendly' ISP's. For more information on ISP-based filtering, click.

As part of the Blue Coat Community Outreach Program, K9 Web Protection is free for home use. You can also purchase a license to use K9 Web Protection for businesses.

For a sampling of more filtering ISPs, click. For families using an ISP without the parental control feature, filtering software is recommended (see below). CLIENT INTERNET FILTERING AND PARENTAL CONTROL SOFTWARE REVIEW (Purchased and installed on your computer[s]) Here is a chart of some of the leading software products available. The ratings have been calculated based on several comparative reviews. Could not find installation information for this machine mac. For explanation of features, hover your mouse over the term you wish to have defined.

Product Rating Cost Time Manager Mac Email IM/ Chat p2p Keyword - Free Yes Yes (also Mobile) Yes 7.9 $50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.5 $40 Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.3 $40 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.1 $70/yr Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.1 $40 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6.7 $80 Yes Yes - $79* Yes Yes Yes Yes * BrowseControl provides discounts when purchased in bulk, like for a computer lab. There are many commercially available products. Some filtering products, like Symantec and McAfee, are part of a package of software tools that also include virus protection, popup blockers, and other security features.