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Everyone seems to love Sierra, but if your experience is like dragging your Mac through a swamp then it’s time to do something about it. Let’s fix slow macOS Sierra In this guide we’re going to highlight the most common problems that cause a slow Sierra and the solutions to help you speed up macOS. These solutions can be performed by anyone, but we’ve ordered them from easiest to hardest. See how far up the Sierra speed solution ladder you can get. Step 1 - Eliminate desktop clutter Difficulty: Easy Are you someone that puts everything on their desktop? To load all those icons takes up system resources that could be used for better things. Delete what you don’t need and group what you do into folders to improve macOS Sierra performance.

To quickly move files into folders: • Hold Control and click the items you want to group • Right-click any of the selected files and choose 'New Folder with Selection' That was easy, wasn’t it? Now let’s use one of Sierra’s space saving features. Step 2 - Optimize storage Difficulty: Easy Another way to free up space is to use one of - the ability to automatically remove files that you don’t need.

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Optimized storage can remove old video files (like that movie you watched months ago) that you can always download from iTunes again. It can also remove old email attachments, which remain stored on the mail server should you need them again. Clearing out old videos and email attachments can save a lot of space on your Mac and improve overall Sierra performance.

Please note that you need to use Apple’s Mail app to make use of the email attachment setting. Also, having watched videos suddenly disappear may not be to everyone’s taste. However, if you want to turn these settings on, follow these steps: • Go to About This Mac • Click on the Storage tab and click on Manage • Select Optimize • Check 'Automatically remove watched iTunes movies and TV shows' • Check 'Download only recent attachments' or to manually decide what gets downloaded, choose 'Don’t automatically download attachments' If you tried these options but prefer the old way you’ll need to navigate to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced to uncheck 'Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows.' If you want Sierra to download all your attachments again go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts > accountName > Account Information. Click on the Download Attachments drop-down menu and select 'All.' That was a bit more work but still really easy, right? Next up is a way to always speed up a slow Sierra.

Step 3 - Remove background applications Difficulty: Easy Does your macOS slow down for no obvious reason? It could be that background apps are hogging your Mac’s memory. Most systems have multiple unneeded apps that use system resources. Next time things are slow open Activity Monitor (found in Utilities) and click on the top of the Memory column to order the apps by those that are using the most memory. If you see an app that is using a good portion of memory (and you’re sure you’re not using it) select it and click the X at the top left to close the app. The next steps are a little bit more challenging but if you want a Sierra that performs well we recommend you keep going! Step 4 - Tone down visual effects Difficulty: Moderate Apple uses some fancy eye candy to make the Sierra UI (User Interface) a real treat for the eyes.

But if Sierra is slow, it feels more like a trick than a treat. To give Sierra a speed boost you can turn off transparency and motion effects. This is particularly effective if macOS 10.12 is running on older hardware.

To turn off effects in Sierra follow these instructions: • Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Display • Turn on 'Reduce Motion' and 'Reduce Transparency' You should now experience a snappier Sierra experience. In our next step we’re going to show you how to take out the trash. Afterall, a clean Sierra is a fast Sierra! Step 5 - Clean up full Mac hard drive to speed up Sierra Difficulty: Moderate Macs use available storage space on hard drives for the smooth running of the OS.

When there isn’t much free space and your drive is almost full, Sierra will start running slow. If you’ve seen the macOS 'Your disk is almost full' notification then you’vedefinitely got a problem that needs fixing.

You can click the 'Manage' buttonon the notification, and it will take you to the Optimize Storage features. A better solution would be to use, which has a bunch of tools to clean up your drive. With just a couple clicks you can clear out the junk and free up a ton of storage space for smoother operations.