Windows Media Player is an application for Mac that allows you to open Windows Media files: WMA (Windows Media Audio) and WMV (Windows Media Video). The newest alternative to play Windows Media files on Mac is Flip4Mac, a plugin for QuickTime that gives you the possibility to play Windows formats using the the Apple multimedia player. Windows Media Player by Microsoft Corporation is a famous multimedia file player that comes bundled with every version of Windows operating systems. Even if Windows Media Player for Mac is not a viable choice, there are plenty other players that you can use on your system. Here are some decent alternatives to Windows Media Player for Mac.

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On January 12, 2006 Microsoft announced it had ceased development and support of Windows Media Player 9 for Mac. Instead Microsoft has partnered with Flip4Mac and now distributes a plugin called WMV Player or Windows Media Components for QuickTime.

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With Windows Media Components for QuickTime installed, Mac users can play Windows Media audio (.wma) files and Windows Media Video (.wmv) files directly in the QuickTime Player. Additionally, Windows Media Components for QuickTime lets you view Windows Media content on the Internet by using a Mac Web browser. Windows users can download at our page. Users of other operating systems can download Windows Media Player for Free at. For all questions, checkout our page.