Apr 8, 2014 - I know this is a few years late, but I finally found the workaround since Microsoft is too lazy to fix this for Mac. If you open the PowerPoint in.

This is a known bug since 2011: powerpoint for Mac fails to save links in a powerpoint when exporting to PDF. Here is an example of a 2011 question about the bug: It is a definite software bug and here is how to recreate it: On a PC create a Powerpoint with a sentence such as 'this is a link' Highlight the word 'link' and press Ctrl-K and point to www.google.com Save as PDF and the link is active Try the same on a Mac and the result is: a dead (inoperable) link on the PDF side Are you planning to ever resolve this? I would like to create interactive documents and the only way to do so in PDF is by using InDesign or the solution mentioned by the user in the above link (export to Keynote and then export to PDF) - but that is a horrible workaround because you lose formatting when going through Keynote.

Mac and Windows PPT have had slightly different feature sets forever and will probably continue to for a long time. They're converging but when the underlying OS offers what amounts to a 'free feature', the developers will go with it, even if that means that the Mac can do something that the Windows version can't, or vice versa. That seems to have been the original case here. Mac OS can print directly to PDF, so Mac PPT (and any other Mac app) inherits the ability to make PDFs and could do so long before Office apps on Windows were able to (at least w/o buying a third-party program like Acrobat). What's irksome is that Windows Office no longer depends on an OS feature *or* third-party software to create PDFs; it's code that's built into the app itself and has been since Office 2010 (or IIRC, one of the late service packs for Office 2007). It's sad that this code that MS developed hasn't made its way into Mac Office. Audio recording and editing software.

Powerpoint 2016 For Mac Save As Pdf With Hyperlinks

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