Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Release Notes. We fixed an issue where Visual Studio for Mac builds all projects instead of just the executable and dependencies only when running the project. We fixed an issue where creating a new.NET Core project semi-failed. So, I hope that this is a very simple question, but I have no idea how to fix it. I'm using Windows 10. I start up Visual Studio, choose.

I had a problem with Visual Studio after a service pack update. Best salesforce app for outlook for mac free. I was unable to create a C++ project. The project dialog would just disappear and then come right back. I'm not sure if the SP1 update caused the issue, if it was a combination of SP1 and a custom installation directory of Visual Studio, or something entirely unrelated. I searched for a fix all over the internet and came up blank. I decided to try uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Studio.

However, once the uninstaller opened I decided to give the repair a try. After repairing the installation and rebooting, I can now create C++ projects again. So if you are having a similar problem, give that a shot. It worked for me. Sometimes it's a simple fix.