Download AutoCAD 2015 for Windows & Mac: Free test for 30 days. Now that Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2015 for the Mac, the 30 day trial version is.

Step 5: Select Capture on the video-capturing software and select Play on the 8mm tape camcorder or player. When it is finished, the footage from the 8mm tapes will be on the computer's hard drive. Connect hi8 camcorder to mac for editing.

Download a 30-day trial of AutoCAD® design and documentation software for 2D and 3D CAD • Document— Speed projects from concept to completion with documentation capabilities that create your designs faster than ever before • Connect—Import and aggregate models from a variety of applications, and access your designs from almost anywhere with Autodesk 360 cloud computing platform • Customize—Customize your AutoCAD experience with a programming interface and • Unlock the power of AutoCAD when used as a part of, the optimal solution to create and showcase your designs. FAQs What are some of the new features of AutoCAD 2013? The latest AutoCAD version offers new tools for design aggregation, connectivity with Autodesk 360 cloud computing platform, and access to hundreds of apps. What are the key capabilities of AutoCAD Design Suite? AutoCAD Design Suite enables you to do more with AutoCAD software with tools to capture scanned documents, sketch design concepts, and showcase designs with amazing 3D renderings. How do I know which AutoCAD Design Suite is for me?

AutoCAD Design Suite is available in three editions—standard, premium, and ultimate—to fit your workflow. We would love to hear from you on what you think about this post.

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