I'm an excel power user and I'm having this problem with Excel 2007. I'm wondering if it is the platform I'm on. I have a Mac now and I'm running XP as a Virtual machine with VMware Fusion. I'm wondering if for some reason my Ctrl key is not registering the same way in Excel (though it works just fine for copy paste and other functions). When I try and use it to select multiple non contiguous cells I just get the right click drop down menu and my originally highlighted cell de selects. If anyone out there has a fix for this it would be greatly appreciated.


Quickly select non-adjacent cells or ranges with Go To command. The Microsoft Excel's Go to command can help you select non-adjacent cells or ranges quickly with following steps: 1. Click the Home > Find & Select > Go to (or press the F5 key). In the Go To dialog box, enter the cell/range positions in the Reference box, and click lick the OK button. Free alternatives to adobe photoshop for mac Select the option for Blanks; Click OK; Once you click OK, you'll find that only the blank cells in the range have been selected. The main reason you might want to do this is to enter a value or formula into only the blank cells in a range. To find out how you can do this, see the lesson on how to Quickly enter a formula in multiple cells.

I'm trying not to be too ticked off at the new version, but as I continue to encounter things like this I get more and more frustrated.

Posted:, 08:20 AM On Dec 13, 6:41 am, AnilP wrote: > Hi there. I've just moved from Windows to Mac and wanted to find out how to > select non-adjacent cells on a worksheet. In Windows you hold down CTRL and > click on the cells but this just pops up the shortcut menu in Mac. Any help > would be appreciated.

> > Cheers > Anil Press 'command' instead (that's next to the space bar). As a rule of thumb (not true all the time, but a good first guess), control on Windows = command on Mac.

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