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She is using one of the most recent versions of Outlook for Mac 2016 (16.9 or higher) She is running macOS Sierra 10.12.6 She is thus far the only person in our organization experiencing this. 1) First, just reboot the Mac and then try launching Outlook 2011. 2) If that doesn’t work, try rebuilding the Outlook 2011 database following Carl’s instructions in this forum post but, beforehand, make a separate backup of the plagued Outlook Identity (normally “Main Identity”) from the Finder, just in case.

If you're looking for previous release downloads for Microsoft AutoUpdate, see. Need help with Microsoft AutoUpdate?

User has Office 2016 - has 71,000+ items in Inbox (I know. I know.) and when they scroll down to look at some older emails, they want to grab the scroll bar and just drag it back to the top, but today that stopped working for them, they can no longer drag it to the top, if they let it go it will just snap back down to where they are at. I remotely connected and took a look and tried Outlook in safe mode with no luck, I can easily replicate the problem on the user side, but haven ever seen this before.

For now I have them using home and page up/page down keys, but you know how users can be, they would prefer to use the mouse if possible. Any help is always appreciated!

I have a user with the same issue that just started happening today. I discovered that I can scroll anywhere in the middle of the bar, but once it hits the very top, it bounces back down to the selected email. I also discovered that I can get around it by scrolling to the bottom first, then going back to the top. Then it will let me scroll anywhere. When I hit the 'Home' key, it took me to the top, but wouldn't let me scroll down from there by dragging. Again, I found that if I hit 'End', then 'Home', it works just fine.

Of course, if I then go to the Sent Items folder, I have to repeat the process. The only thing I have tried to fix it so far is an Office Quick Repair. We have a very high profile user with the exact same issue that we are working on today. Once a message is selected the scroll bar and window snap back to the selected email, not allowing you to browse anywhere else.


The end and home key workaround fixes it temporarily. We have tried reg key changes, updates, fresh profiles, safe mode, UI resets, cached email changes, etc and nothing is working. We are looking for a fix for this as soon as possible as well! Dome for xiaomi yi. Running the most up to date version of outlook 2016. Always good to know when you aren't just dreaming things up. Winrar download for mac os x.

I have the symptoms listed above (scroll not working (home button works, but I too must be a creature of habit); unread or read as an option suddenly missing on the columns (though you can use the 'All' or 'Unread' as a dropdown by the search button) (and yes, I'm STILL a creature of habit). The other thing that may or may not be related - when I open emails, it seems that the preceding conversation doesn't show up - sometimes, it doesn't show at all, sometimes, it shows after a few seconds. I'm not sure I understand when it does and doesn't happen.