First released in October, Quicken 2017 features a new interface, a range of custom report options, and Quicken Bill Pay for paying for bills directly within the app. Quicken for Mac 2017 can be.

As mentioned above, the data file formats are not compatible. If you decide to migrate your data, you do need to convert. If your data is from QW2010 or newer, the mechanics are quite simple.copy data file over to Mac. Open data file with QM2017.

The built-in conversion process will step you through but there are a few things you need to know; here is the entire process: Since you did not specify which version of QWin you are using, review all the prep and background info before: If you need to use an intermediary version, as mentioned on that page, instead of getting QW2010, you can try using QW2013 available from Quicken for FREE here: (that first page needs to be updated;-) ) NOTE: Be aware that at this time, it is very difficult to convert back from Mac to Windows, as there are many problems with the reverse conversion process. I also suggest that you make sure that Quicken 2017 for Mac will meet your needs, since it was re-written from the ground up (starting in 2010 with Quicken Essentials) and is not the same product as the Windows version, so there are some features that are still not there e.g. Full loan amortization*, 2-line display, QuickMath, or are not as fully developed yet, e.g. Customized Reports, investment lot management and performance reports and stats (therefore some data may not carry over). You can start here: *NOTE: Support for fixed rate loans has been released in v4.5.x but there is no announced timing for support for variable rate or simple daily interest loans. You may want to review the.

Add your vote to any features that are missing for you. Your VOTES matter! Debra, here's a tangential point, if you haven't yet purchased Quicken for Mac. Fall is when Quicken typically announces and releases new versions of its Quicken products -- almost always in late-September to mid-October. So before you buy Quicken Mac 2017, you might want to consider if you'd want to wait a month to see what Quicken 2018 brings. (There is typically no 'upgrade' for existing users; you have to purchase the new version at full price.) This year is more complicated than years past, because Quicken has said it is moving to an annual subscription program instead of the previous buy-it-and-use-it-for-three-years model. How A lot of questions were raised about the details of the subscription program, and Quicken has said they listened to user concerns -- but they haven't released any details about how the new subscription program will work, nor how it will be priced.

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So the thing to be aware of if you wait until Quicken 2018 is on sale, it *might* be something you want -- but if it isn't, you may find it hard to still buy Quicken 2017; some stores might still have the retail version for a short time, but there's a risk you're only option would be Quicken 2018. (You could also purchase Quicken 2017 for Mac now, and return it within 60 days for a full refund, if you decide to purchase Quicken 2018 to replace it.) The flip side of this is that until Quicken announces the details of the subscription plan, no one can calculate if it will be advantageous to their needs. There are a lot of Windows-to-Mac switchers nowadays, but Quicken has always made people purchase the two programs separately; whether they make any accommodation to cross-platform/platform-switching users as part of the subscription is yet to be revealed. Intuit for mac quicken 2017. So there are some pros and cons about possibly waiting for a month or so until the curtain is pulled back on the new pricing scheme. In any case, as others have written above, you can't move back and forth between Windows and Mac data files.