Outlook for mac search issues. Jas1234567 wrote: Why is ATT Internet service so spotty? I'm dropped often. Is there another provider or service that you would recommend? Jas1234567, Welcome to the forum! What kind of DSL issues are you having, slow speeds or complete loss of service? I have included a few links below, the first is through ATT customer support self help where you can choose to test and troubleshoot your DSL.


The second link I have included is to test your internet speed and the third a link for sending a private message to our ATTCustomer care team if your still having spotty service. When sending a private message please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time you can be contacted. Please allow up to 48hrs for a team member to contact you.

Xfinity is the residential internet service offered by Comcast and is available in more U.S. States than any other internet service provider. Available download speeds are up to 250 Mbps for cable internet and 2 Gbps for fiber. Internet Services. Learn the terms and policies that apply to various Apple online features and services.